‘Mad Men’ News 2015: Creator Matthew Weiner Dismisses Finale Theories Made By Fans [VIDEO]

So, who is going to jump out of the window? According to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, that may or may not happen as he jokingly dismisses fan theories on how the hit AMC series will come to a close next week.

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According to Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Weiner says that there's a slim chance that Don Draper will turn into D.B. Cooper, the unidentified man who famously hijacked a Boeing 727 airplane or that the show will end in a plane crash.

He told Conan O'Brien on his talk show about the resemblance of Hamm and Cooper, "I think all police sketches, without mustaches, of white guys, look like Jon Hamm. He has very cartoon-favorable features."

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Weiner added of the highly-anticipated finale, "People think it's going to end in a plane crash, which Lionsgate would never pay for."

The finale, "Person to Person," airs on May 17.

Earlier this month, Weiner had to also clarify why there are so many characters sporting mustaches this season.

According to Yahoo! Beauty, he said, "Well, we've toyed with Roger's mustache a couple of times, but we had to wait until there was a mustache that looked good on him. John Slattery doesn't look good with a white, trimmed mustache-it's just too Larry Tate. This soup-strainer thing that's going on is much more appropriate for him. And I just felt that Ted, who's newly single with a bachelor pad, will do everything he can to appear hip."

Weiner also added, "Someday, someone will be looking at the pictures from 2015 and laughing at all the beards. The insanity! I'm talking about spectacular, hillbilly, hipster beards-and even your obstetrician might have one."

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