'The Amazing Race' Season 26 Cast: Laura & Tyler Dish On Their Win & Whether Or Not They're Secretly Dating [VIDEO]

They already have $1 million dollars, and now, The Amazing Race season 26 winners Laura Pierson & Tyler Adams are opening up about the connection they formed while on their extreme blind date.

Teams Go On Their Final Quest For $1 MIllion

In their post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly, the recently coined millionaires dished on why they worked so well together as a team, as well as some of their more-talked about racers, but also revealed the truth about the relationship they formed during their three-weeks racing together around the world.

After being interviewed by Jodi Walker, who brought up host Phil Keoghan's beliefs that the two were trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by hiding a romance, the two allegedly shared a considerable silence before answering and saying that nothing romantic has actually developed between them.

Who Won Season 26 of 'The Amazing Race?'

"No, Laura and I have stayed in touch and we've had viewing parties together, but there hasn't been any romantic relationship," Tyler said.

However, the friendship between the two is very much alive, and they admitted to having texting wars about which of them was actually funnier during the race--something Laura insists they now have an answer to.

"Well we already know...I'm the funniest," she said.

However, despite seeming to be the most compatible of the Blind Date teams, the two weren't always popular with fans, especially after comments they made concerning Hayley and Blair, often vocalizing that they hoped Team #RXForLove wouldn't win--something they now say they regret, but revealing that they couldn't help but feel the way they did because of what they would see on a daily basis.

"You know, you hang out at the airport occasionally, but you don't really see the other teams that much," Tyler admitted. "And consistently, any time that we did see them, they were arguing. We definitely just felt like that attitude that we brought into the race, like, 'Hey, let's appreciate every moment and be grateful for what we have' wasn't something they had also considered. And I just really didn't want someone with that attitude to go on in the race."

"After the race we've all gotten to know each other, so I personally feel bad for some of the things that Tyler and I said," Laura added. "However, we were speaking on the way that we perceived the situation. People assume that Laura and Tyler are mean for saying these things, but that's what we saw: Hayley yelling at Blair and Blair being a nice guy."

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