‘Mad Men’ News 2015: Series Finale Gets Positive Reviews From Fans [VIDEO]

It's hard to believe it, but Mad Men has said it's final good-bye. And as cynical as the series was for seven seasons, many of the show's characters were left with happy endings, which also happened to please a majority of the show's die-hard fans.

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With Don Draper finding inner peace (and being the brainchild of the 'Buy The World A Coke' ad), he tried to escape the advertising world only to find himself right back in it. Pete Campbell found both love and success again by retuning with his ex-wife Trudie and moving to Kansas while Roger Sterling, Peggy Olsen, and Joan Holloway Harris, all managed to find either love or career satisfaction (but not always both) in the series' much-anticipated finale.

The only person though who was left a terrible fate was Don's ex-wife Betty Draper Francis who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and their children, including Sally Draper, who we last saw taking care of her mother during her final days.

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And while Twitter was mixed with reviews, viewers seemed to be pleased with the show's Shangri-La ending.

Many comments from sites such as the Guardian and The Atlantic included, "I thought the ending was great. Not as powerful as Six Feet Under's ending, but much better than The Wire's ending (a better show all around but a weak finale except for Marlo going back to the streets)," along with, "I thought the episode was pretty satisfying, and did a good job of toying with audience expectations.

That cut to the Coca-Cola ad in particular really elevated the ending; and suddenly, everything about the direction of the last few episodes seemed to make a lot more sense."

There were though some that were utterly disappointed with how the show ended, with one viewer writing, "I have no problem with the cynical ending -- especially because it stays true to the show. What I take exception with is the implication that coming up with this great idea puts Don genuinely at peace. This goes against everything the show has been about - Don't work has never been fulfilling. It would have made more sense if the last shot of Don was him in a bar looking like crap."

So far, the show's creator Matthew Weiner has not responded to the reviews.

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