‘Mad Men’ Finale News 2015: Jon Hamm Admits Ending Was Meant To Be Ambiguous [VIDEO]

It looks like fans still can't stop talking about the surprising ending to the Mad Men finale from Sunday night. Now actor Jon Hamm, who played Don Draper on the hit AMC drama, opens up about his own interpretation about what happened to Don after viewers were left scratching their heads during the final scene.

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In the finale, Don was last seen chanting along with his yoga group at a retreat on top of a cliff in Big Sur, Calif. The scene then cut to the most talked-about and successful Coca Cola ad of all time, which was the 1971 "I'd Like To Buy A World A Coke" commercial." Many guess that Don returned to New York City from California to come up with the ad.

In an interview with The New York Times on Tuesday, Hamm admits that the ending was supposed to be left as ambiguous.

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When asked about his own interpretation of the ending, Hamm said, "I think, like most stories that we go back to, that it's a little bit ambiguous. We had talked about this ending for a long time and that was Matt [Weiner, the "Mad Men" creator and show runner]'s image. I was struck by the poetry of it. I didn't know what his plans were, to get Don to this meditative, contemplative place. I just knew that he had this final image in mind."

The actor added, "My take is that, the next day, he wakes up in this beautiful place, and has this serene moment of understanding, and realizes who he is. And who he is, is an advertising man. And so, this thing comes to him. There's a way to see it in a completely cynical way, and say, 'Wow, that's awful.' But I think that for Don, it represents some kind of understanding and comfort in this incredibly unquiet, uncomfortable life that he has led."

Mad Men ended its seventh and final season in Sunday night's finale, Person to Person. The show was one of the most highly-acclaimed dramas on television.

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