January Jones News 2015: Actress Reflects On Her ‘Mad Men’ Character Betty, Says ‘It’s Like A Friend Passing Away’ [VIDEO]

It's been a week since AMC's beloved drama Mad Men has ended with its final episode, but fans still can't stop talking about the show. Actress January Jones, who played Betty Draper Francis on the show, recently opened up about her character and how playing Betty one last time felt "like a friend passing away."

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In a new interview with Deadline on Friday, Jones said that while she didn't struggle with the way the show ended for Betty, she is still having a hard time letting go of the person she played for over seven successful seasons.

She said, "I thought that I really got a very well-rounded ending for her and even though I posted the picture with the gun and visually that looked stronger, that scene was from season one, and to see the very last scene at the end of the series when she has a phone call with Don, that's actually the strongest you've ever seen her, and the letter to Sally, her excitement for the adventures Sally will have that she didn't get to have - I loved every moment of it."

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As far as Betty's last phone call with her ex-husband Don Draper, Jones said that the scene was almost perfect, even though fans were kind of hoping for a different ending for the two of them.

She explained, "I know a lot of fans wanted Don and Betty to get back together and I just felt that never would have been realistic, but I felt like in that scene you got a little bit of closure for them, and as tragic as it was, you know it was a little Shakespearian the way it went down. There was a little love story there and you saw that in that scene I hope."

Mad Men ended last Sunday with over 3 million viewers tuning in to the series finale.

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