'Witches Of East End' Season 3 Renewal: Petition Gains 2,000 More Signatures In Just One Week [VIDEO]

After several more months go by, fans are still signing the petition to renew Witches of East End.

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Last week, there were more than 136,000 signatures on that link. As of Tuesday, there are 138,000. The goal hasn't been reached yet, but the petition has managed to score 2,000 signatures in just a week despite the fact that the series got canceled last fall.

The supernatural drama starring the Beauchamp women with unique superpowers left fans in shock and dismay when it was revealed that there wouldn't be a third season. The final episode had a number of big cliffhangers only to be left with no questions answered. Some of these include what happens to Wendy after she was found in some fire-filled dimension where her other sister happened to be. Also, was Freya ever going to find out that Dash switched bodies with Killian and the man she thinks she's with is actually locked behind bars? Not to mention- who is the father of Ingrid's baby?

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Unfortunately, none of this got cleared up and audiences have yet to let that go. There have been a number of trends all over the Internet where viewers have raised their voices for some closure.

If a third season (or at least a few brief explanations) ever happen, Madchen Amick (Aunt Wendy) told Enstars last December that she would want the story to be for the audience.

"I think there would be a lot of effort put into what the fans are passionate about," the actress said. "They've really created a voice and so I really would hope that whatever kind of platform we would go to that [the network] would really take into consideration what the fans are rooting for."

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