'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 8 Premiere: Have Two Queens Been Revealed For Next Year's Competition? [VIDEO]

It's only been a month since the winner of RuPaul Season 7 was announced, and rumor has it that two queens may have been revealed for Season 8.

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On Monday, Seattle Gay Scene gave some insight on a couple drag stars who might work that runway in the reality competition. One potential contestant is Robbie Turner since she is apparently out of her Seattle hometown doing something else. Another possible cast member is James Majesty, but this is still a rumor.

Magnolia Crawford, who appeared in the competition during the sixth season, gave the idea that these queens might join the series, but she's not positive.

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"I'm going to chime in although I probably shouldn't. Just for full disclosure, I truthfully have no 'secret' knowledge of who is on the show, and neither do any other Dragrace girls, for that matter," Crawford said. "James is a good friend and I love him to death. He's amazing and would do quite well, whether or not Season 8 is his season."

Even if Majesty is not in the eighth season, perhaps there might be an appearance in the ninth season if the show gets another renewal.

"I'd keep my eyes out for him at some point in the future," Crawford said. "That being said, Robbie Turner, another Seattle queen, 'broke her ankle' yesterday."

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 is expected to premiere in spring 2016 on Logo TV.

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