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Yes To Cotton

Cotton-Inspired Skin Care Facial Cleansing Products to Try This Spring 2017

With the arrival of the spring season, there’s nothing more comforting than cleansing water that removes dirt, oil and makeup leaving your facial skin feeling soft, hydrated and fresh.

ProNaturals Hair Repair System

You Deserve this Full Argan Oil Treatment for a Healthier, Hydrated, Stronger and Shinier Beautiful Hair

Winter months can be brutal to your hair. The chilly weather makes hair extremely dry, causing frizzy split ends. Truth is, dry hair doesn't have to be a reality and there are several products out there (If you're not the kind who likes the DIY formulas) that can help you.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Loves Bugs - Is That Bugging Or Healthy?

A recent shot of Angelina Jolie savoring all kinds of bugs and insects has put off a lot of people, but she could be following a great idea after all!

American illness

Hypochondriac: You Might Be An American Suffering From A Disease You Don't Have

Almost 12 percent of hypochondriac adults in the United States think that they are suffering from some food allergies, even if they are not.

Renault RS17

Renault Releases Its Formula 1 Car, Targeting Fifth Place in the Race

Renault have revealed their new car, with drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer taking the wraps of the R.S.17 at an unveiling ceremony in the UK.The team are targeting fifth place in the 2017 championship.

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