The end of the wedding season is near, but there's still enough time to make sure your bouquet is fit for royalty. Simon Lycett, Princess Eugenie's personal florist behind her wedding blooms, has a lot to share with you on how to choose the perfect flowers for a wedding.

The wedding season has seen an array of flower choices, from flower delivery Russia to a fall-themed wedding for megastar Jennifer Lawrence.

A quick tip for weddings closer to Christmas is to add in berries for texture. The berries add a splash of color and scents that go perfectly with most bouquets. Dahlias are also a very popular choice.

The flowers should be placed in an extravagant centerpiece, such as the malachite urn that filled the Grand Reception Room during Eugenie's wedding. The larger pieces can have branches and bunches to fill them in more. A lot of these additions can be done after the flowers arrive and really put the final touches on an arrangement.

Florists are able to ship flowers farther than ever before, with couples opting to send flowers to Switzerland for weddings, or sourcing exotic flowers from other regions of the world for your wedding.

Experts recommend celebrating the season, and this means utilizing the landscape to make the florals stand out as much as possible. Tonal interest is very important, with warm tones used in autumn and berries used for color. Apples and rosehips are another good choice, and they help give a fullness to the arrangements that don't exist otherwise.

Rainbow blooms are a great choice if you want to add a bit of color and veer away from a monochromatic palette.

If you have a lavish garden of your own, you can also include many of these pieces into your decorations. Lycett suggests that you take as much from your garden as you can. Unusual plants help add texture and depth that you may not be able to achieve with an arrangement from the florist.

Royals love when their florists pick flowers from their royal gardens. Local flowers are a hot choice, so even without the luxury of a royal garden, you're able to pick flowers yourself that fit into any wedding.

Use fragrant flowers to your advantage in key areas of the venue, such as roses.

Pampas grass is a popular choice this year, along with coral flowers, and lots of foliage and grasses to really make the arrangements stand out.