What is Meant by Autologous Cosmetic Surgery?

You may have heard the term autologous before and wondered what this means. Today there are many cosmetic procedures that are done using autologous tissues. This is tissue from your own body, which has many advantages over artificially created synthetic substances. You can find out about cosmetic procedures by visiting the Vera Clinic.

Your body's immune system is designed to seek out, attack and destroy any foreign invaders, which includes bacteria, viruses and parasites. The problem is that synthetic substances are also spotted by immune system cells which see these as foreign entities that pose a threat to your body. 

As a result of this your body is likely to mount an immune response to the artificial material, which can cause problems for you. In fact, many of the symptoms of illness that we associate with influenza, for instance, are actually our immune system responding to the virus, making us feel sick.

Butt lifts and the autologous method

Autologous procedures can be used in many types of cosmetic surgeries. One example of such an autologous method is the Brazilian butt lift in which fat tissue is taken from elsewhere in the body and then injected into the gluteal (buttocks) region of the body.

The advantage of this autologous procedure is that it also helps you to get rid of fat that you may have in problem areas such as your thighs or hips. You do need to have enough fat though for an autologous butt lift to be done.

Check implants using your own fat

There are ways to accentuate your cheekbones by autologous methods. While some clinics may use hyaluronic fluid, others may also use your own body fat.

This may be a good option although it is hard to predict the outcome of fat transplants into the check region because the cells grow at varying rates, and so the process may need to be done again at some stage in the future. However, it is an advantage since it is an autologous method, and this procedure where they use fat is called lipostructure. 

Hair loss and PRP therapy

An additional cosmetic procedure that involves the hair is plasma-rich platelet therapy or PRP. This is also classified as an autologous procedure because it actually uses your own blood plasma. The steps involve extracting some of your own blood and then processing this blood so as to achieve a concentrated mix of plasma.

The plasma also contains platelets and many stem cells and growth factors. The concentrated enriched plasma solution is then injected into the parts of the scalp where hair has been lost and hair growth is desired. The idea is that the stem cells and platelets help trigger renewed growth and development of hair follicles and other cells necessary to help your hair grow back thick and lush. 

The PRP also is used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery techniques such as the FUE. The outcome is often good and especially when done with hair transplant procedures since the plasma helps the tissues to heal.

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