11 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers


Instagram is a popular social network that has outgrown its first impression of a photo-sharing fun app. Today, Instagram is a popular content marketing, network, selling, and audience building platform. It's being used by brands and individuals to accomplish their networking and marketing goals. Instagram is among the most popular websites for social networking in the modern world. It's, therefore, not surprising that so many people want to buy followers on Instagram https://howsociable.com/buy-instagram-followers/. And, people are using different techniques, including buying followers to enhance their following.

But, do you know that Instagram has fake accounts? This explains why the popularity of some accounts declines over time. Nevertheless, this platform has been working hard to end fake followers. Having fake Instagram followers can mean that an influencer or marketer on this platform can't get real people on the intended landing page, purchase products, or refer others to a site.

That's why it's wise to use ways that get more, real Instagram followers. Popular Instagram accounts like those of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner have grown their following using techniques that have been tested and proven effective. Here are some of the best ways to get more, real followers on Instagram.

1.    Optimize Your Bio on Instagram

What do you do to find a new account on Instagram? That's the question to ask when it comes to optimizing your bio. Most people follow accounts that are run by the individuals they admire or know. Others follow accounts that share content they are unable to do without or authentic content. Some people prefer to follow accounts that share beautiful images.

Make sure that your account has a bio, proper username, profile image, and image caption. If you need more followers for a company account, include a link to its landing page. That way, you can use Instagram to get more, real followers and direct them to your landing page.

Additionally, make your username search-friendly. You can even shorten the name to make it something recognizable by the target audience. Avoid special characters and numbers in the username.

2.    Post Consistently

Don't post irregularly when trying to get more, real Instagram followers. Being inconsistent will make the followers you get forget you. This is not a good way to boost your following. To avoid this, have a schedule for regular posting. You may not have the time to post several times per day. However, be consistent in your posting no matter how often you do it.

Instagram hit the one billion active monthly users mark in June 2018. To take advantage of this traffic, you must be active on this platform. And, the best way to do this is by keeping followers and prospects engaged with fresh content.

3.    Schedule Your Posts on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm may have changed to ensure that users get their preferred content. However, knowing the right time to post on Instagram will enhance the visibility of your posts on this platform. The internet has tools that can be used to schedule Instagram content.

Using the right tool to schedule content can make running a marketing campaign more efficient and easy. Building out content using these tools will also enable you to attract the right followers, reach and keep a consistent content flow.

4.    Cross-Promote Dedicated Hashtag

If you create a hashtag for your business, other people might not use it when sharing content. Therefore, you should promote it on different platforms to make it more visible. Include the hashtag in your bio or profile. Also, include it in your print ads, store signage, relevant events' materials, and receipts.

You can also ask people to use it on TV and radio if they are part of your marketing mix. Integrate the hashtag in your offline and online campaigns, including your email blasts and website.

5.    Participate in Popular Conversations

Be active in popular conversations and use relevant hashtags that will help people find your Instagram account. Use long-tail keywords in specific hashtags to provide intent while helping the right people find you. Make sure that you select and use hashtags wisely to ensure that they put your Instagram account in front of more target audiences.

6.    Use the URL of Your Bio Properly

Your bio should not link to the homepage of your website only. Therefore, change it more often, preferably every week. Make sure that the link you include in the bio is clickable so that prospects and followers can be driven to the most popular and newest content.

7.    Use Descriptive Captions

Don't skip words completely when posting pictures. Anytime you want to share a picture, come up with a caption to accompany it. Alternatively, ask your current followers to caption the picture and provide a reward for it. This can even prompt them to share your post with their friends who can eventually become your followers.

8.    Use Influencer Marketing

You've probably identified some Instagram users as influencers in your industry. Turn on notifications for their posts to be alerted whenever they share content. Interact with them more often to learn from them. You can even share their content, mention them, and even ask them to share some of your content. This will expose your Instagram to their followers, some of whom might follow your account.

9.    Publish What Your Target Audience Wants

Research your target audience to know the kind of content they are interested in. Whether it is captions, filters, post times, or content times, these details are important when it comes to getting more real followers. Therefore, research your target audience continuously to create and publish content that suits them.

10.Start Conversations

Most people use social media to get customer care services. Others are using it to contact brands. Therefore, be communicative and supportive on Instagram. Respond to comments and questions that your current followers ask. This can mean all the difference when it comes to getting followers and boosting how you relate to the audience.

11.Develop a Unique Instagram Style

Come up with a style that makes you stand out on Instagram. For instance, you can come up with a unique style for your visual content. This can make your Instagram account unique and instantly recognizable. And, this can be the reason some people will decide to follow you.

Getting more, real Instagram followers requires time and effort. Following these tips will help you get more targeted followers on your Instagram account over time.

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