Nerf Gun Party: The Next Big Party that Celebrities Use for Their Kids

Nerf Gun Party: The Next Big Party that Celebrities Use for Their Kids

Celebrities often are the trend-setters and are known for extravagant parties, especially for their children. They've definitely upped their game with their latest popular party theme for their kids, which are Nerf Gun Parties. Whether you're living in Honolulu or surrounding cities within Honolulu County, such as Pearl City or Waipio, you may want to check out purchasing a Nerf Gun Party for your kids.

A Nerf Gun Party is Entertaining for Kids of Nearly Any Age

Kids of almost any age can enjoy the Nerf Gun Party experience, although kids need to be at least age 5 to be able to fully enjoy the Nerf Guns and associated supplies. A Nerf War Party lasts for about two-hours and it's filled with games that show off the skills and reflexes of the children participating. Don't worry, teenagers and adults are welcome to participate in the Nerf Wars too!

Celebrities have been having Nerf Gun Parties for their children because it can be played with 16 kids or 30 kids, although more than 20 kids often cost extra. The more kids that are involved the more fun it can be. The party can run longer than two-hours if you're willing to pay, which celebrities are willing to put down a lot of money for their children to have a good time.

Included in the price are a variety of Nerf Guns, usually 8 guns are the standard and they are from a range of Nerf products including Mega and Elite series. There are about 1,000 Nerf Darts provided for the event as well as safety goggles, smoke bombs, color bombs, and inflatable paintball barriers. You can add more items and some companies even offer extra games and party favors.

Main Reasons Celebrities Use Nerf Gun Parties for their Kids

One reason why celebrities are so into the Nerf Gun Parties is that they don't have to set up the event themselves and only need to pay for the venue where the event will be held. The company that creates the Nerf Wars does everything else, including sending out a Nerf Coach to set up the equipment and inflate the barriers. That's why it's a popular option for parents both in Honolulu and elsewhere.

This coach stays for the entire event and is responsible for showing the kids how to play the games, can change games whenever the kids seem done with the current one, and will be watching the kids during the party.. The employee also brings all needed supplies and will give a safety demonstration to ensure everyone is safe and knows how to properly wear the safety goggles.

There's No Cleanup Involved for the Parents

Cleanup isn't something that the parent has to worry about either and the Nerf Coach ensures the venue you're at is in as good of shape at the end of the day as it was in the beginning. We all know celebrities don't like to get their hands dirty and usually have help for such activities. That's why the Nerf Coach makes Nerf Gun Wars a great choice as a party theme for their kids.

Kids Can Run Around & Hang with Friends

Nerf Gun Parties are fairly physical so it's a perfect opportunity for kids to run around, especially in Honolulu and places where the environment is dry and sunny. We all know kids need to be physically active not only for their physical well-being, but also their mental health as well. Kids that run around and play hard will feel more positive, sleep better, have a better attitude, and will generally exhibit less mood swings.

Celebrities and regular kids alike both in Honolulu County and throughout the world love to hang with their friends. Friends are important and kids learn and develop their social skills when they are with their friends exploring and playing. Giving kids the freedom to play games with their friends will encourage interpersonal relationships and give them a sense of fulfillment.

A Nerf Party is Rewarding

Kids love playing games and Nerf Gun Parties are rewarding in that each game likely will showcase the skills and reflexes of various people playing. Your child might be a pro at one game, but the neighborhood kid from down the street might be much better at the next game. Rewards and special items can be given to the winner of each game to make it more competitive, especially for older kids. It's also rewarding for a kid to feel like they were the winner or they were the best at something, even if it's just a game.

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