Zachary Quinto, Miles McMillan 2015: Actor Opens Up On Discrimination In LGBT Community With Powerful VIDEO

Zachary Quinto took his advocation on the LGBT community to a whole new level.

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In a UN Human Rights video released last Wednesday, Quinto narrates a clip called 'Free & Equal- The Price of Exclusion.' The video talks about individuality and the mistreatment of people in the LGBT community.

"Being gay, lesbian, bi, trans or intersex, marks them out for abuse," Quinto says in his narration. "According to surveys, between half and two thirds of LGBT youth experience bullying in childhood forcing one in three to skip or even drop out of school. Many LGBT adolescents are rejected by their parents and thrown out of the family home and end up living in the streets."

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Quinto, who is in a relationship with his boyfriend Miles McMillan, continues the video with statistics on how people who identify as homosexual or as transgender are more likely to have a harmful encounter- this includes attempted suicide.

"Gay and lesbian youth are up to four times more likely to contemplate suicide compared with their straight peers while young trans people are almost ten times more likely to have attempted suicide than the general population."

The doc continues with how LGBT people in the workplace tens to receive discrimination, which comes with "personal tragedies."

The video below gives more insight on how discrimination still exists and how "the cycle can be broken."

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