Tom Hardy News: Actor Discusses Complexity Of Filming New Movie & If He'll Ever Direct [VIDEO]

Tom Hardy opened up on the difficulty of filming a complex movie.

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Hardy stars in The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio where both actors spoke with Collider about how hard it was to work in harsh conditions and if there was ever a time where they came close to feeling like it was too much. As much of a challenge as it was, both actors were still invested in their roles.

"Shooting something that is this logistically complicated takes its toll in a fatigue way as opposed to anything in particular that was incredibly hard to do, it's just the build-up," Hardy said. "Some days you just get up and go, 'I'm just genuinely tired,' but that's normal."

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"The entire movie was very difficult," DiCaprio chimed in. "As far as not in the context of what these men really lived, but in the context of making a movie, this was probably one of the hardest films we've all ever done. We immersed in nature doing complex shots for months and months and months at a time."

Both of the Hollywood stars were asked if they had any interest in becoming directors in the future. DiCaprio started off by saying he's not really sure while Hardy said he has an "interest."

"But I haven't considered it," he added.

The Revenant hits theaters on January 8, 2016.

See what else the actors said in the video below.

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