'The 100' Season 4: Can Octavia & Bellamy Forgive & Forget? Bob Morley Explains At Phoenix Comicon [VIDEO]

The 100's Blake siblings have thrown their punches and buried their dead, but Bellamy and Octavia are hardly the close-knit duo they where when the hit the ground. As season 4 begins, their wounds will only just be beginning to scab over.

Bellamy's (Bob Morley) betrayal - starting with the slaughter of the Grounder army and culminating with the inadvertent death of Lincoln - is unforgivable in Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) eyes. Now that Pike is in the ground, however, Morley believes a reconciliation might be in the cards - if he can get his little sis to stick around, that is.

"Bellamy had a feeling it was getting to that," Morley said of Octavia's potential departure, according to Phonic Comicon attendees. "Hopefully they reconnect and she lets him in."

If Octavia does, the actor hopes the pair will move past the authoritative big brother/rebellious little sister trope. Although Bellamy will never be able to shed his "my sister, my responsibility" mantra, it's high time Morley's character lets his sister break out on her own.

"Marie and I would like their relationship to get past Bellamy saying, 'You can't do this,' and Octavia being like, 'I can!'" Morley told fans.

Octavia, meanwhile, will be plagued by her devotion to family. No matter what he's done, leaving Bellamy behind would be a hear-wrenching choice for the Grounder/Arker hybrid.

"She's at odds with her own brother because Octavia and Bellamy were sort of enemies this season because he was on Pike's side and he was faced with a lot of difficult decisions," Avgeropoulos told IGN. "She's always in conflict about what to do [and] at the end of the day she's at conflict with the decision of family. Bellamy's the only family Octavia has. It's going to be tough for her next season."

Find out what's next for the Blake kids when The 100 returns to The CW in 2017. Click the video to see Bellamy and Octavia in action.

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