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'NCIS' News: Michael Weatherly Breaks Silence On 'NCIS' Departure; Crossover With 'Bull' In The Talks [VIDEO]

Former main star from the American procedural drama series, 'NCIS', had finally broke his silence about the issue of him departing the series after thirteen successful seasons. The actor has shared what he misses most about filming the show for over a decade.

By RG, EnStars on Jan 06, 2017 05:29 AM EST
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Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly talks about 'NCIS' departure and new CBS show 'Bull'. (Photo : Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images)

The main actor from the 2016 comedy-drama series, Bull, Michael Weatherly, has finally decided to talk about his departure from his former show on the same network, CBS's procedural action drama series, NCIS.

It can well be remembered that the actor's exit from the action drama had caused major dismay from NCIS fans all over the world. Weatherly, who previously portrayed the character, Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo, left the series after its thirteenth season, on the season's finale episode.

The actor's exit was even speculated to have caused the show's drastic change in terms of ratings, although this issue has yet to be confirmed by the network itself. There were rumors swirling before that there are chances Weatherly could come back to reprise his role. But it was later debunked and his new television show has proven that he will not be coming back to the action series.

According to a report from International Business Times, the 48-year old actor shared during an interview that he missed some moments from the show. One of the reasons why he decided to leave NCIS was because of to give time to film his new project, Bull, which is also from the CBS network.

Although the two television series have quite a different genre, Weatherly said that he did not regret to be part of Bull since last year.

"You know, I miss that specific camaraderie", the actor confesses about missing the show he has been part of for thirteen years. "I miss the people and smiles, the laughter. But I have had some good laughs on 'Bull'! I felt very satiated by my experience at 'NCIS'", the actor told TV Line.

Weatherly additionally said that he has learned a lot of things from his former show that he has been applying so far on his new show since they started filming the episodes. He said that he had no remorse on what went down during his departure from the action series.

Furthermore, according to Cinema Blend, Weatherly has talked about the possibility of NCIS and Bull crossover. Fans have been wanting the actor to come back on his former show, and even though his comeback would be close to impossible, he said that he could indeed return, through a crossover of the two CBS series.

If this is going to happen, NCIS fans would surely be thrilled and excited to see the actor once again on their favorite series.

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