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Apple Loop: Upcoming iPhone 8 Hardware, iPad Air 3 Specs And Apple Watch 3 Rumored Features [VIDEO]

Apple will be launching devices this year namely; iPhone 8, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 3. The rumored specs and features of these devices are itemized.

By Maricris Jose, EnStars on Jan 10, 2017 07:42 AM EST
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Apple iPhone 7
Apple to launch devices this year with amazing and improved specs namely; iPhone 8, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 3. (Photo : Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Today marks the 10th year of Apple's iPhone series. It can be remembered that Steve Jobs showcased the first iPhone at an event in San Francisco, and now the company will be launching its iPhone 8 along with other devices such as iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 3 with remarkable specs and features.

According to Forbes, this week's Apple Loop encompasses a lot of things like new technology for the iPhone 8's battery, Apple Watch 3 and iPad Air 3's details and the reason why MacBook Pro is already out of date. It also tackles information about the theater mode in iOS 10.3, the latest App Store numbers, Apple's problems with the basics, and lastly using the original iPhone in 2017. Apple Loop will be reminding the company's patrons about discussions that have happened around Apple over the last seven days.

The first focus is the iPhone 8 and based on an article made by iTechPost, there's still much thought and plans on how many models the upcoming series will have. There are also ideas on which of the models will boast OLED displays and whether it will be named the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s, the iPhone X.

But then, here are some of the predictions made by analysts. It was believed that a dual-camera system will be seen in all models of the iPhone 8. Aside from that, it is anticipated to incorporate octa-core processing for the first time. Apple Inc. is might also boost the RAM of the device up to 3 GB or even 8 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, the storage seems to continue having a maximum of 256GB. Finally, Apple Inc. is working away behind the scenes to reassure its fans that a larger battery can be included in the iPhone 8.

As for the iPad Air 3, this upcoming tablet from the Cupertino-based company is predicted to be bezel-less. Also, this device is believed to have faster processor enhanced camera, particularly the rear-facing camera which will reportedly gain LED flash. Aside from that, it may also come with the Apple Pencil support, powerful A9X chip and four-speaker audio system.

Lastly, the Apple Watch 3 is anticipated to have multi-function bands and a front-facing camera for selfies and FaceTime. The upcoming Apple Watch might also have a Circular display, new health sensors, and wireless-charging capabilities.

With these amazing specs, it seems that Apple fans all over the world could not wait for these features to be incorporated with their much-awaited iPhone 8, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 3. But then, it is recommended to wait for further announcements about the handsets.

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