AMD's Ryzen CPU To Launch At GDC 2017; Specs, Features And Price Point Specified [VIDEO]

AMD's patrons have been waiting for the company to spill all the details about its forthcoming Ryzen CPU. Now, the American multi-national company is anticipated to release the chipset at GDC 2017.

According to AnandTech, AMD has accidentally slicked the information about the Ryzen CPU to be unveiled during GDC 2017. It was also noted that the GDC event runs from February 27th to March 3rd, and as of the moment, AMD doesn't give exact schedule yet, so it could be announced any day during the event.

When it comes to the specs, Yibada noted that details of the AMD Ryzen processor have been delivered progressively by AMD. Since 2016, the company has teased its avid fans of their next-generation processor that boasts 16 threads across 8 physical cores that are already unlocked and overclocked right out of the box.

Even though Summit Ridge 7 processors has been revealed step by step in the past weeks, lower version of Ryzen still remains in the shadows. It was also known that only few detail are being reported about quad-core Ryzen processors. The upcoming CPU is anticipated to slightly strive with Intel's $340 Core i7-6700K.

Moreover, the entry level Ryzen CPUs has been measured as an inconceivable tool for CPU price war in contrast to Intel. With its proposed retail price of $150, the quad-core processors will surely leave balance sheets spilling with blood-red ink and little turning room for Intel.

The reported setting will be verified in the coming weeks as the American multi-national company AMD has allegedly started sampling their quad-core processors. Therefore, the said Ryzen quad-core processors of AMD have been anticipated by many to take on Intel's Core i5 and Core i3 that is armed with four cores and four threads.

The selections predicted to be offered by AMD will benefit users running an older Core i5 CPU. This is because the Ryzen octa-core features might also be seen in the upcoming quad-core variants which will be good news for those who wanted an upgrade.

AMD Ryzen CPU is predicted to make its first appearance at GDC 2017. Nevertheless, the exact date is yet to be announced by the tech giant.

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