Stephen Curry Reportedly Wants To Replicate His Father’s 16-Year NBA Career

Stephen Curry who is regarded today as one of NBA top players is said to be interested in replicating the longevity of his father's career in the NBA. Curry's father, Dell Curry was once one of the NBA top shooters and that he was able to play a long career in the league before he retired last 2002.

After retiring in the year 2002, CBS Sports reported that Dell Curry is now a commentator on the broadcast team of Hornets. Because of his long and successful NBA career, his son Steph admired him a lot. In fact, Steph wants to replicate the longevity of his father's game in his NBA career too.

Steph Curry was heard sharing in one publication that he is really interested to match his father's 16-year NBA career and truly, that plan doesn't sound crazy at all. The NBA star also shared that when he entered the league that was the only thing he did say that he wasn't to play 16 years just because his father did.

The younger Curry went on sharing that he always had an appreciation of what his statements meant. But now that he has one already eight years, playing eight more years somewhere near the level and energy he is playing right now will be solid for him.

In comparison, Bleacher Report claimed that Dell Curry entered the league when he was 22 years old while his son, Steph joined NBA at 21 so this means that he has a one-season advantage to his father. Besides, it looks like Steph is going to play far more minutes considering their respective roles in their teams. Reports added that Dell played 30 minutes per game once while Steph has only played less than 30 minutes every game once.

But even if that is the case, it was claimed that Steph has the biggest advantage and that he is playing in the modern game. In these current times, players are required to play fewer back-to-backs which mean that they get more rest. So the idea of a 16-year NBA career at the moment is not insane at all just like what Steph Curry intends to have.

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