Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle Leaving ‘Suits’ After Season 7?

Before fans of the USA Network hit show goes ballistic, it is imperative to point out that nothing has been confirmed regarding the possible departures of two main characters in Suits. However, reports are circulating and there may be a weight on the rumors.

For a highly successful, top-rated show to lose one major character is a big deal but to lose two simultaneously is not good news for USA Network and fans who have been watching it for the past six seasons.

Suits is currently in its seventh season and two of its beloved stars, Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, may not even be present for Season 8. The two characters potentially leaving may mark a huge change in the upcoming plots of the show.

When asked for comments, representatives of Adams and Markle have not given any information or confirmation. USA Network remains mum as well. But a source reveals that matters are still under discussion. Could there be secret negotiations happening behind closed doors?

Speculations On Leaving

Adams who plays Michael Ross has been in the show since Season 1 and reports have it that his contract is being discussed. However, he may be on his way out. A few sources have revealed that Adams may be pursuing other opportunities and projects.

As for Markle who portrays Rachel Zane in the hit legal drama may have future plans of her own that does not include Suits. Like fellow actor Adams, Markle has been in the show since its premiere in 2011.

Currently, she's in a relationship with Prince Harry, further fueling the possiblity of her leaving the show. The idea of a royal wedding has entered people's minds due to the fact that Markle has actually met the Queen Mum.

Show's Future Uncertain

For a solid and successful hit show to maintain its upward momentum for almost eight seasons is a major feat for any tv series. Competition in cable, networks, and live online streaming shows have been strong.

Garnering a large loyal fan base for years is impressive for USA Network. Suits is only a close second to being the highest rated show in the network. The anthology, The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel is just a hair above it.

Actor Adams Follows Suit

Showrunners may keep the door wide open for Adams when he does leave the show. A source reveals that a possible guest appearance or recurring role for the SAG-nominated actor may be in the works for Season 8.

The same idea was done for another Suits star, Gina Torres. Halfway through Season 6, the actress left the show simply because her contract was up and felt the need to spend more time with her family.

Torres' role as Jessica Pearson was eventually brought back to the Season 6 finale episode. She will do another special appearance in the Season 7 finale. Speculations of a spinoff show regarding Torres' character has been going around.

Regarding Adams and Markle, things still remain to be seen. Will they stay or will the go? Suits fans will have to hold their breath and wait.

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