It looks like Meghan Markle's TV career is almost over. The actress Gina Torres might be the star of a new "Suits" spin-off show, so Meghan Markle may be getting shown the door by her producers.

"Suits" is a fictional lawsuit firm that is situated in the "happening" city of New York. Meghan Markle was cast as Rachel Zane on "Suits" for almost five years, since 2011. However, her relationship with Prince Harry convinced her producers that she might not stay on. She has reportedly asked her producers to kill off Rachel Zane, according to Daily Star.  Hence, they are giving a hand to Gina Torres for a potential spin-off show.

Gina Torres, 47, who played Jessica Pearson for six seasons, might replay her role in another project. It is being thrashed out at Universal Cable Productions. The show is being spoken of for almost a year. The USA network is likely to pick it up, although negotiations are still ongoing. Meghan Markle might well depart from "Suits," taking Rachel Zane with her, say speculations. The 37-year-old will then not come back for either the legal episodes or for the spinoff, according to Elle.

Still, the problem for Meghan Markle is that Prince Harry has not even proposed to her, nor are they engaged. Although she has signaled that she is willing to undergo a major upheaval in her career, Prince Harry has not taken the steps to seal their relationship. He has to first get his grandmother the Queen's blessings to go ahead with his engagement. She is suspicious that the "Suit" start might be just an aspiring Hollywood actress who is dreaming big and trying to enter royalty.

It certainly means a complete turnaround for Meghan Markle's life and lifestyle. Firstly, she will be out of "Suits" and secondly, after entering the royal household, she will have to leave Hollywood and instead attend royal engagements and public appearances in London. Her lifestyle blog, The Twig, and her social media accounts too will have to undergo a turnover. How ready, then, is the couple, and indeed the entire royal household for all this?