James Corden Reveals How He'll Teach His Kids About Same-Sex Relationships


James Corden grew up in a family that did not see gay relationships as an issue, so if his kids ask him about the subject, then he already knows what to tell them.

Gay Relationships

The talk show host opened up about his support for the LGBTQ community and about gay relationships in his cover interview for Attitude magazine. Corden, who shares two children with wife, Julia Carey, talked about his eldest child, 6-year-old son Max, and his view on homosexuality.

Corden said that his son has never questioned him about gay relationships or about his gay friends. They would often have his friends Chris and Mark stay over at their house and Max does not see anything wrong with it.

"I think my son has never questioned it as it's always been there," Corden told the publication. However, if the time comes that he asks then he knows just what to tell him.

"I would know what those answers were, which is that 'these are simply two men that really love each other in the same way I love Mummy and Grandma loves Grandad' and that's it," Corden said matter-of-factly.

LGBTQ Community 

Talking about gay relationships may be unacceptable in some families with parents forbidding their children to discuss the sensitive topic. However, James Corden revealed that it was different when he grew up.

Corden said he was raised in a family who was not prejudiced against the homosexuals or members of the LGBTQ community. This shaped him to be accepting of everyone regardless of their gender preference.

"It comes back to the family as that's where you're educated; it's the people around you and the house you grew up in that shapes your views. No one is born wanting to dislike anyone, and my parents wanted to accept everyone," the 39-year-old presenter added.

The Late Late Show host also revealed his affinity toward members of the LGBTQ community. He said he understands what it feels like to be different because he also looks different, "not the societal ideal" as he put it.

Corden has been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community and their rights. He has used his show countless time to spread awareness and acceptance of the community that has been supportive of his career. He recently performed a song he wrote against President Donald Trump's ban on transgender service in the military on his show. 

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