Bachelor Not In Paradise: Dean Unglert In Therapy After Abruptly Breaking Up With Lesley Murphy

Dean Unglert is distraught following his shocking split from fellow Bachelor alum Lesley Murphy. The reality TV star has even sought out therapy.

Shock Split

Unglert and Murphy appeared together on the spinoff show The Bachelor Winter Games, where they grew closer and closer as the weeks went on. They left the show happily in love, only to break up last week after four months of dating.

Unglert opened up about what went wrong in the latest episode of Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean Unglert, his podcast on iHeartRadio.

The episode "What's Inside My Head" found the Bachelor star in a contemplative mood. Unglert explains how, prior to going to Winter Games, a friend inquired as to what he wanted out of a relationship.

"The one thing I want is just to know I feel loved back. I want to feel loved. The worst part about all of this is that Lesley did feel that way about me regardless of everything. I know that she did love me," he admitted.

Although Unglert acknowledged that he got what he wanted from Murphy, he was heartbroken to discover that the two of them still wasn't a sure thing.

Turning To Therapy

The reality star admitted he's turned to mindfulness in the wake of their shock split and has also sought out professional help.

"I've been meditating more and I'm going to start going to therapy this week," he revealed.

Unglert did acknowledge, however, that it was better to end their relationship now than further down the line, as feelings would, possibly, be even stronger for both sides.

Nothing But Good Vibes

As for Murphy, he had nothing but good things to say about her, although he noted he wouldn't be going into much detail out of respect for her privacy.

"Lesley was an incredible girlfriend. I know one day she'll be an incredible wife and wonderful mother," he gushed.

Murphy only addressed the split by saying she needed someone who was really ready to commit, and to be vulnerable.

"I know it's imperative to find someone who chooses us and acknowledges our many layers, who can be open and vulnerable, and most importantly, who is ready," she wrote on Instagram.

A Lifelong Struggle

Unglert's relationship problems may run deep, as suggested by his podcast's title. The Bachelor alum admitted that his parents didn't get on when he was growing up, so Unglert didn't have positive role models to look up when it came to healthy relationships. As a result, his idea of what constitutes a positive, loving relationship is skewed.

Unglert is working hard not to end up like his father, from whom he was estranged for many years. He admitted to the fear of turning out like him, and as a result, he has been turning away from the positive things in life.

In a moment of insightful, inward reflection, Unglert also admitted that he needs to deal with his own issues before he can properly commit to someone else.

His mother died when he was just 15, leading to a lifelong fear of abandonment.

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