Bekah Martinez Posts Her 'Cheesy' Casting Photo For 'The Bachelor' On Instagram

Bekah Martinez apparently made sure she lands a spot on the 22nd season of The Bachelor by posing her "cheesiest" for the casting call.

The 23-year-old California beauty shared on Instagram her audition photo for The Bachelor which was taken at a time when she thought Peter Kraus would be the winning bachelor. In the photo, Martinez, who is the first one to sport a pixie cut on the show, painted her name and Peter's while wearing an overall jean partly revealing her side boob. At the time, The Bachelor was just about to conclude to pronounce Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the winner.

"These are the lengths my cheesy ass really went to for my Bachelor casting photos #Blindsided#DidntKnowWhatWasComing," Martinez shared in all capital letters.

Martinez added that her posting of the photo is not her way of flirting with Kraus because he was preoccupied with "cuddling with his dog and doing pull-ups."

Age Does Not Matter

Martinez is the second youngest contestant to enter the reality show, but this did not stop her from briefly concealing her true age.

With Luyendyk Jr. winning the show, Martinez said she does not want to do anything with the bachelor. On Twitter, she accused him of sending him a direct message when he was also allegedly sending messages to other contestants.

On Feb. 3, Martinez revealed that Luyendyk Jr. contacted her to say that she has the same birthdate as Tia Booth, whom he went out with on a 2-in-1 date. Luyendyk Jr.'s 13-year age gap with Martinez was a hot topic on the show for some time.

Martinez then tweeted that Luyendyk Jr. was perhaps being friendly, but she could care less. Regardless of her disagreement with him, Martinez landed her dream spot on the show.

The Bachelor Hitting On Other Girls

In a magazine interview, the model-nanny accused Luyendyk Jr. of hitting on other Bachelor contestants even as he was already talking to Lauren Burnham, the one he proposed to at the end of the show.

"And I wasn't the only contestant he was DMing while the show was airing. It wasn't just me and Lauren, there were other women as well. C'mon, dude. You're 36, you know better. You're not oblivious and you know how relationships work," Martinez said.

Martinez slammed Luyendyk Jr. for calling her immature just because she did not like that he was reaching out to the other girls. Kendall Long seconded Martinez that the fact that Luyendyk was still talking to the other girls during post-production was not a good idea at all.

Watching The Bachelor episodes after the filming, Martinez contemplated that she was ultimately deceived by Luyendyk Jr. Long, on the one hand, said that it was fine with her making friends with the winning bachelor now that the show is over.

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