Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Appeal Expiring Soon; Palace Has SECRET Weapons Against Them

The said appeal of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry abroad can quickly vanish when this happens, according to a royal expert. Allegedly, the Buckingham's Palace has several aces that can soon put the two into the shadows. 

As reported by Express UK, the tale of the decade with regard to the Royal palace is Megxit. People simply cannot believe it - Prince Harry married an actress from across the world, and then they ultimately decided to leave. No one certainly saw that coming.

As a result, Meghan and Harry have dominated royal headlines for months now. If they were intensely scrutinized while still in their senior roles in the palace, their decision to step down further intensified the press.

Since their shocking declaration of wanting independence back in January and ultimately deciding to do something about, media reports regarding the royals have circulated about them. Most of the reports had been in the negative, though, with theories and assumptions that the two will certainly undermine the grown by commercializing the monarchy or leaking out royal secrets -in exchange for fame or money. 

Even though Prince Harry reportedly warned his team and even his own wife that this should never happen, the Buckingham Palace reportedly has an ace up its sleeve already. 

According to Caitlin Flanagan, who is a staff at the Atlantic, Meghan and Harry have overplayed their hand. If they think that their appeal would last, particularly in Hollywood, they are dead wrong. Not just because people will lose interest in them after a while, but because the palace would churn out more interesting figures that could put the two of them out. 

Who are these figures? None other than Kate Middleton and Prince William's children. The source believes that once Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis grow up, the media frenzy will be focused on them.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were particularly popular too back in the day. They still are, even though admittedly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have dominated the scene for a while. However, if these three children grow up and show off their unique personalities and antics, Meghan and Harry would have to say goodbye to whatever fame they have now, the insider warns.

Of course, the two also have their own child that the media will be interested in one day, but Baby Archie is barely one. Moreover, if the present malicious reports about Meghan Markle being a gold digger and a diva continue on, the likelihood of her being dropped by Hollywood even before Prince George and his siblings grow up is high. Not to mention, the different reports about Prince Harry not liking LA and already regretting his decision to go away with his wife.

If the insiders' take on the matter comes true - that Prince Harry will not be able to find a lucrative opportunity in the US and he'll just miss the royal family he was very close to, then the two's troubles can start soon enough. 

The present coronavirus is also making things hard for them as all their moves are starting to be hindered. They announced a new charity foundation, Archewell, and this is only met with criticisms of insensitivity. They want to pursue professional goals, but the world is hardly allowing that to happen these days for everyone, as people are encouraged to stay home and not work for a while.

They are also being lambasted for leaving the UK and the royal family when being united is needed the most.  

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