Bye, Meghan? Prince Harry Hinting Return To Royal Family ASAP

As soon as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the U.S., questions if Prince Harry will revoke his British citizenship arise. 

Becoming an American will require the 35-year-old prince to renounce his titles and would also expose him to U.S. taxation on his earnings worldwide.

However, in a report by The Times, The Duke of Sussex has no plans to apply for a green card until the "foreseeable future." The publication further stated that the couple's move to the States might not even be a permanent thing. 

An insider close to the couple told the Times: "The Duke has not made an application for dual citizenship, and I don't think he will apply for a green card at any point."

It is not known whether Prince Harry entered the U.S. under the 90-day visa waiver program available to most British tourists or whether he has a diplomatic or special visa. 

While the father-of-one's immigration status is still not clear, being a husband of an American citizen like Meghan Markle can help him become a permanent resident of the country without breaking a sweat. 

Prince Harry holding off his U.S. citizenship application for the time being only means that he is and will always be a member of the British royal family. 

And though he may not be a senior working royal, he has retained his role, title and his place in line to the throne. If he ever does want to return to the U.K. and The Firm, he would be warmly welcomed with open arms. 

A royal photographer told The Sun that the love the Brits have for the Duke of Sussex has never stopped. "As far as the nation is concerned, he is still their number one member of the royal family," the source said.

As a matter of fact, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and Prince Charles' positive infection to the virus, Prince Harry did consider returning to the U.K.

However, it did not push through because it would have been irresponsible since the royals are in isolation and there is not much Prince Harry can do. 

"They wouldn't want to take any risks by travelling, and their priority is to keep Archie settled in a routine. I think they will come to the UK when it is safer to do so," royal expert Katie Nicholl said.

While Prince Harry will always be welcome to come back, the same cannot be said for Meghan Markle. Though she did try her best, it was clear from the get-go that the royal life is not for the Duchess of Sussex. 

The royal family embraced her, but the British public -- especially the British tabloids -- is expected to be even more intense and unforgiving to her if ever they return.

"The media would be without mercy. I would expect comments about tails between their legs," royal expert Marlene Koenig shared.

It is worth noting that while it is highly unlikely for both Prince Harry and Meghan to return to royal life, anything can still happen, especially with the tensions that are arising in the U.K. right now because of the pandemic.


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