Farrah Abraham's 'Couples Therapy' Relationship Fake? Jenelle Evans Calls Out Star While Boyfriend Confirms 'It Was All a Lie' [VIDEO]


Farrah Abraham is making history as the very first Couples Therapy star to appear on the show solo, but her fellow Teen Mom celebrity Jenelle Evans is calling her bluff on the relationship that was supposed to be aired.

Evans tweeted Thursday, "I'm not even going to watch Couples Therapy now that I found out Farrah staged it entirely once again. Tisk Tisk Fake Relationship."

In the supertrailer that was released last month, Abraham makes it seem as if her alleged boyfriend Brian Dawe planned to come but he stood her up.

Dawe recently took a stand against the claims that he left Abraham hanging on the show. He called out Abraham and the Couples Therapy producers in Starcasm Thursday, revealing that everything has been fake all along.

"I believe that this situation is embarrassing for Farrah, and for the producers who knew the relationship was a lie before the participants moved into the house where the show was filmed."

But the show's in-house therapist, Dr. Jenn Berman, maintains that if Farrah and Dawe's relationship was all an act, she and the producers had absolutely no clue.

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"Neither I nor my producers would ever allow anyone on Couples Therapy that we did not believe was a legitimate couple. This relationship was presented to me as an authentic short-term relationship. I have worked with other short-term relationships on the show and have done very meaningful work with those couples."

Dawe also said not only was his relationship with Abraham fake, but he had a real girlfriend who knew that his status with Abraham was just for the cameras.

"Farrah and I never had any kind of a relationship other than a professional one," he said. "I actually had a girlfriend at the time Farrah approached me to be in a fake relationship and am still currently dating her."

Dawe revealed that he got into the situation because he was under the impression that there would be some sort of a profit for him. Abraham went as far as getting a friend who works as paparazzo to take promotional pictures of them in the park in October.

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"I had no idea what these photos would be used for, but assumed it would be for her to promote or market our relationship. She told me after the shoot that she sells the photos to various tabloids," Dawe also said. "I was astonished at the amount of media coverage it received."

Season 4 of Couples Therapy airs on Vh1 Thursday nights. Check out the full first episode below.

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