News has been buzzing that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is the first person to be on Vh1's Couples Therapy without a partner; and now, a new trailer for the series' fourth season shows viewers why.

Abraham's boyfriend appears to have stood her up. In the extended promo, Abraham is in tears and barely able to talk and explain to her cast members and the show's therapist Dr. Jenn Berman that her boyfriend was supposed to be on the show with her but never came.

As her co-stars gave her puzzled stares, Abraham said, "I don't know where he is or like, why he isn't here. My boyfriend, like, I can't talk about it right now... I think he purposely did this to hurt me."

A cast member struck her with the question of whether she would stay in the house alone.

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Not having a boyfriend on the show with her isn't the only drama Abraham will have to face on national television. Her provocative sex tape with James Deen that made its rounds on the internet after being released in May will resurface once again.

Dr. Berman reprimanded Abraham and said, "You've chosen to make a sex tape with someone who sells tapes of himself having sex for a living."

Trying to lighten up the issue, Abraham defends herself and says she has no association with porn whatsoever. But that doesn't stop some of her cast mates from snickering about her and calling her a porn star.

Other cast members include Jon Gosselin, Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Wu Tang Klan rapper Ghostface Killah.

The new season of Couples Therapy premieres on Vh1 Jan. 2.

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