'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere: Show To Feature Several 'Complicated Three-Way, Four-Way Relationships'? [VIDEO]


While very few details have been released about the True Blood season 7 premiere, some info has been gradually leaking out to the press.

True Blood Movie or Spinoff Coming?

The cast and crew of True Blood are currently working on the final season, and few spoilers have been released. There are still a few plot points that have been announced to tide fans over, though.

The True Blood season 7 premiere is titled Jesus Gonna Be Here and is set to air in summer 2014. However, a quick Google search for "True Blood" now says that the season 7 premiere will be June 15, 2014, though this has not been confirmed by HBO.

Alexander Skarsgard Actor Strips Down Again

The premiere, as well as the entirety of season 7, will center on the idea of whether or not humans and vampire can get along with each other. Showrunner Brian Buckner said that the final season will feature several "complicated three-way, four-way relationships" as the vampires have begun feeding.

One of the biggest questions drawn from the season 6 finale was whether or not Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) was dead. The Nordic vampire was seen naked and sunbathing on a mountain before bursting into uncontrollable flames. Buckner has since said that Eric will be back. He will even have a new love interest in season 7.

However, one actor who is leaving the show is Luke Grimes, who played James in season 6. Grimes left the show after season 6 due to creative differences with his character. Bunheads actor Nathan Parsons has signed on to replace Grimes for season 7.

As for other developments set to occur, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will be getting a new boyfriend, who is described as "insanely good-looking." The final season will spend more time with the original cast members in Bon Temps rather than spreading out into multiple story lines and locations.

True Blood's final season is set to air through summer 2014.

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