'Veronica Mars' Movie Spoilers: Detective Has Flashbacks Of Murder & Love As She Dishes On Sex Tape In Opening Scene? [VIDEO]

The Veronica Mars movie is opening in theaters this week, and some more dramatic footage and information has been released ahead of the premiere.

Veronica Attempts To Free Logan In Film?

Fandango posted a video of the first eight minutes of the film, which delves into old memories of what happened on the series. The murder of Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried) gets brought up and Mars reveals that her way of coping was trying to figure out who killed her.

Mars will also go in a flashback of her love-hate relationship with Logan.

Veronica Mars Movie Opening Scene Revealed Online

As the clip continues, Mars is seen in an interview with a law firm where she talks about her work history and the sex tape that she doesn't feel awkward about bringing up.

"All I'll say about that tape is it was made and distributed without my knowledge," Mars explains to the lawyers. "And I'll ask you- do I look ruffled?"

Mars is then seen texting Wallace who says "Pirate pride, baby!" referring to 10-year high school reunion. Mars responds with "Not bloody likely" although based on the film's trailer, she will likely change her mind, especially when she arrives back in town to help Logan.

Her relationship with her father, Keith, will also play an important role in the film, according to a March 9 article by TV Guide.

The publication reported that Veronica would have a stronger bond with her father than with her ex, Logan in the film. Keith is also likely to continue being extremely protective of his daughter in the film.

Veronica Mars will hit theaters on Friday, March 14.

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