'Real Housewives Of New York' 2014: Carole Radziwill Calls Sonja Morgan A ‘Liar’ Says Aviva Drescher Planned Leg Toss [VIDEO]

It looks as though Carole Radziwill has a lot to say about her cast mates and she's not holding anything back either. The Real Housewives of New York star is slamming both Sonja Morgan and Aviva Drescher, calling them both liars and that Drescher's leg toss was premeditated.

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Radziwill tells her fans in her Bravo blog that Morgan completely lied about how she sprained her ankle. In Morgan's version, she apparently chased down her boyfriend Harry Dubin but according to Radziwill, she fell down while drunk at a night club.

"But I admit, Sonja's version was way better: The Charming rogue playboy, the scorned woman running through the streets after a man who proposed to propose to her," Radziwill says. "She was trailing drama and a fishtail longer than a four-act play. The only thing, is that it wasn't what happened."

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Radziwill added, "Yet, Sonja has no trouble throwing her friend LuAnn under the bus. Implying she had slept with her pre-fiance. Wow."

Meanwhile, Radziwill is also calling out Drescher, saying that she planned to toss her leg across the restaurant this whole time. Drescher threw her prosthetic leg during a heated argument with her co-stars while they were dining at New York City's trendy Le Cirque restaurant.

"As you could see, she was very excited to throw her leg down. After all, she'd been planning it," Radziwill explains. "We were all corralled over to the table several times. I got up to leave and had to sit back down. Heather was right. Let's get this thing over with and go home. She was waiting for one of us to call her fake and when we didn't she threw her leg down anyway."

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