'Batman v. Superman' Movie Rumors: Jason Momoa's Aquaman Saved Henry Cavill In 'Man Of Steel,' Will Tie The Two Together In 'Dawn of Justice?' [VIDEO]

In what could be one of the more outlandish rumors in awhile, is it possible that a member of the Justice League, which wasn't necessarily planned around the time of the release of Man of Steel, in the movie without anyone knowing? According to sources, this could be the case.

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During a podcast recording at the Toronto Film Festival last week, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider talked about how one Justice League member, Aquaman, fits into the whole story, including a hidden cameo in Man of Steel.

According to Sneider, early on in Man of Steel, Superman saves a bunch of people from a collapsing, fiery oil rig. The oil rig explodes, sending a weakened Superman crashing into the ocean. He can be seen floating in the water at one point, with two giant whales coming to presumably save him and bring him to shore.

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Sneider reports that the whales were sent by Aquaman, who has the ability to talk to sea animals. Superman and Aquaman may already know each other in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice if they met off-screen in Man of Steel.

This is an odd, but possibly logical way that the two heroes met even though linking them with a random scene in the movie is odd. It doesn't seem likely that director Zack Snyder was planning Justice League yet, but who knows what was going on behind the scenes at Warner Bros., who probably saw what Marvel was doing and wanted in.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to open in theaters on March 26, 2016.

See the full podcast below, Sneider talks Aquaman at the 29:44 mark.

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