'Batman v Superman' Movie Rumors: Jason Momoa's Aquaman Costume To Look Like A Surfer With Tattoos, Will Be Mad At Henry Cavill For Ocean Damage In 'Man Of Steel?' [VIDEO]

While Jason Momoa has yet to come outright and admit that he is playing Aquaman in the next movie that teams up Batman, Superman, and a host of other heroes prior to the Justice League movie, it seems likely that the actor is taking on the role. But what would his costume look like and will it be more traditional?

'Batman v Superman' Is Looking For The People Of Gotham

Schmoes Know reported on Friday that the costume for Momoa's Aquaman would be much different than the traditional suit, saying that "he's going to look like a surfer essentially with tribal tattoos and all that jazz."

ComicBookMovie added that if they decide to go that route, that the costume would resemble more of the look for the hero in the early days of "The New 52" when we saw how the Justice League were assembled when Darkseid attacked Earth.

Batman To Display Similar Rage As Actor Who Plays Him In 'Dawn Of Justice'

Schmoes Know added that Aquaman could be angry with Superman (Henry Cavill) in Batman v. Superman over the event at the oil rig in Man of Steel that left the entire structure crumbling into the sea, which could lead to early tension between the two heroes.

"Aquaman sent the whales to save Supes and make sure he was okay, which makes sense considering we never actually see how Supes gets back to shore in the film," the site reported.

"He sees the whales and then it cuts to him walking on land, which could mean they were saving the swim back for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

This would add to the tension that is already being rumored between Superman and Batman (Ben Affleck) that will lead to possible fights during the movie.

Batman v. Superman is heading to theaters on March 26, 2016.

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