'Justice League' Movie News: Dwayne Johnson Hints At His Character Not Being Involved In DC Universe? [VIDEO]

While there is a lot of connectivity between the DC characters being planned, it seems like one movie won't be as tied to the Justice League as originally thought. Or at least that is what the star of the film is wanting us to believe.

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Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter this week to clarify some rumors about his superhero movie, Shazam, which hits theaters in 2017 and has the Rock playing the villain, Black Adam. But his tweet seems to hint that there won't be much crossover with the Justice League members.

Johnson has previously hinted that the universe will be the same, but won't have many tie-ins between characters like Batman and Superman with Shazam. The New Line president Toby Emmerich has also gone on the record as to saying that Shazam "isn't a Justice League character" and that it would have a "tone unto itself."

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This creates an interesting stream in the line of DC movies that hasn't been seen in other universes. Marvel has all of their movies pretty closely linked and while some of their earlier films like The Incredible Hulk aren't as tied to the established lore as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there is still some connections there.

If DC goes this route, and allows characters to be introduced for the sake of creating a solid film without any connection, it could open up a new world for the studio.

It would allow them to introduce characters without having to worry about how they would affect the whole of the universe and could open up creative freedom.

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