Emma Stone 'Cabaret:' Live Music From The Broadway Show Gets Released Of The Actress Singing, Check It Out Here [VIDEO]

If someone has been dying to see Emma Stone play Sally Bowle's in Broadway musical Cabaret, it turns out that some of her audio has been released.

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On Tuesday, a Tumblr page called "A Man Such As You" posted some of the music that Stone sings on stage during her debut performance that night. Some of the songs include the classic Cabaret hits such as "Maybe This Time," "Cabaret" and "Don't Tell Mama."

Some of the performer's notes are a little unclear, but it sounds very much like Stone, nonetheless. Her raspy voice can be heard along with an accent.

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Check out the audio on the Tumblr page here.

Stone recently talked about her role as Sally and how it feels to sing the iconic hit "Maybe This Time."

"I just went through the scene the other day and worked out that scene with Bill Heck, the guy who plays Cliff," the actress told Speakeasy. "I mean, I just yesterday for the first time got on stage and sang that song, which is really surreal."

The 26-year-old went on about how during this number her character is at her most positive standpoint.

"Theater is always an evolving idea, but right now that song seems to me the most optimistic we ever get to see her," Stone said. "I feel like that's in some ways the most hopeful point of the show until the very end of the song. So I'm sort of thinking about that right now."

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