'Empire TV Show': Lucious Keeps Sleeping With Cookie, She Tells Him To 'Get Rid Of Halle Berry' [VIDEO]

The hookup moment fans have been waiting for between Cookie & Lucious Lyon finally happened on Fox's Empire! But now, many are wondering what's next for the former flames.

Cookie & Lucious Finally Sleep Together On 'Empire' & Twitter Loses It 'So Glad Anika Saw Them!'

A teaser for the remaining episodes of the show's debut season shows that even though Lucious is getting ready to wed his new woman, Anika, he doesn't stop messing around with Cookie.

In the clip, Lucious tells Cookie that he never stopped loving her and even looked for her qualities in other women. Cookie then urges Anika to "get rid of Halle Berry. As long as she's around I'm closed for business."

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But it doesn't look like Cookie can hold out for much longer. On top of that, something even more shocking than the epic and intimate scene was that Anika saw it all. She confronts Lucious and while he said he wasn't intending to hurt her, he seems to be dating Anika in public and fooling around with Cookie in private, which makes Cookie livid. Interestingly enough, Cookie and Lucious aren't trying to keep their bedroom sessions a secret.

Their son Jamal asks Cookie if they've "been messing around again?"

Cookie answers candidly, "Well it wouldn't be the first time."

Jamal also faces his own drama as he still struggles with how to "come out" and reveal to the public that he's homosexual. He has a new flame who happens to be on Lucious' label. While Jamal tells him not to reveal he's gay, the mystery guy doesn't seem to be afraid of Lucious finding out.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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