'Terminator 5' Spoilers: Latest Updates About 'Genisys' [VIDEO]

For ever-eager fans the summer release of Terminator: Genisys still seems a way off, so Enstars rounds up the latest developments and spoilers for the movie.

Child Actor To Play SkyNet In Terminator: Genisys?  

New Genisys stills for the movie featuring Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) were unveiled with the May cover story on the film for Empire magazine.

In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger teased fans about what they can expect from Terminator Genisys, and he sure amped up the hype. Speaking to the Arnold Fans at the Arnold Classic and Sports Festival, the actor dished about his character, the Guardian encountering his old anatgonistic self in the 1984 version, and about a surprising twist regarding the villain.

Sarah Connor's Parents To Be Assassinated In Genisys  

Schwarzenegger spoke about how the opening scene will be the same frame to frame as the one in the original Terminator but with a twist in the end: 

"The idea is in 1984 when you see me walking across naked to those punks and say 'Give me your clothes,'... now the scene changes. As I (the young Arnold) say 'Give me your clothes,' suddenly you hear a voice behind me say 'You won't need them.' So the Terminator turns around to check out who is that, and all of a sudden he sees himself, which is me the way I look now, and I'm there with a shotgun, and I just blast away at him."

The actor went on to talk about a major spin in the plot, hinting that the evil mastermind will pretty much stun audiences, which will also lead to revelations about his backstory 

We'll be having some great surprises about who is the ultimate villain that I have to fight, how I was reprogramed, and the time travel," he said.

A recent report suggests that John Connor might be the villain in Terminator:Genisys according to the leaked script for the movie.

Movie Pilot hinted at this shocking spoiler with a report sourcing the recently leaked script for Genisys. While there has been no official word on whether this might actually be true, if it is, it is probably one of the biggest twists the movie will bring to the franchise.

In another interview, Jai Courtney, who will be playing Kyle Reese in the movie also spoke about what fans can expect from the movie.

The actor told Variety that the movie won't be a "reboot or a prequel" and will be a "standalone." Nothing new about this as this has been said about the movie plenty times in the past. But Courtney did get into a few details about the plot, suggesting that things might look familiar but everything will be turned on its head.

"We're introduced to a world that we've seen before," he said. "However, when Reese is sent back to save Sarah Connor, something has happened in the process and everything has changed. All the information he has for the mission and the task at hand is different. Therefore, things have been reset and that's where we move forward from. That's about all I can say."

Terminator: Genisys is scheduled to release in July 2015.

Watch the trailer for Terminator: Genisys:

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