'Terminator 5' Spoilers: 'Genisys' Going To Be 'Kickass,' Headed 'In The Right Direction,' Says Arnold Schwarzenegger

The original Terminator has spoken. Genisys is set to make it very big at the box office, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

New Antagonist Revealed In Terminator: Genisys  

Speaking at CinemaCon, which was held at Las Vegas on April 20, the actor really amped up the hype about Terminator: Genisys, in which he has a major role to play. Schwarzenegger will be playing the part of the Guardian, an older Terminator who has watched out for Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) since she was a young girl.

USA Today reported from the event and revealed some choice quotes from Schwarzenegger at the event.

John Connor To Be 'Really Destroyed,' 'Knocked About' In Genisys? 

"We all know the first three Terminators, the ones I was involved in, the only ones that count, made a billion dollars worldwide," Schwarzenegger said. "It's going to be big. And I tell you one thing: I would not have gotten involved unless I knew they were going in the right direction."

Some footage from the film was also screened at the event, and as the curtains drew on that, Schwarzenegger cheered on. "I told you that was going to be kickass," he said.

The movie has been directed by Alan Taylor and also stars Jason Clarke as John Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, and J.K. Simmons as Detective O'Brien.

Terminator Genisys is scheduled to release in July 2015. 

Watch the trailer:

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