'Indiana Jones 5' Cast News: Harrison Ford Being Replaced By A Female Actor In Planned Reboot? [VIDEO]

Rumors have flown non-stop about just who may be wearing the famous fedora ever since Disney acquired the Indiana Jones franchise, and now, the latest rumors circulating seem to suggest that a female actor could score the highly coveted role.

'Indiana Jones 5' Is Officially Confirmed

Though a film has been confirmed as in the works, there has been no detail on whether or not Harrison Ford would reprise the role again after already playing it in four prior films, which has led to several actors having their names tossed into the mix as possible replacements for Ford, including Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson and Chris Pratt. However, after a new skit as a part of Red Nose Day saw Anna Kendrick taking over the role as Indianna Jones--there appears to be major support for such a new take on the film.

The skit, produced by NBC, stars Kendrick as a female version of Ford's character, and takes fans back to a recreated scene from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where she must identify the real artifact from a group of false idols. Throughout the skit, Kendrick's version of Dr. Jones proves to be a serious feminist bad-a**, correcting the guard when he only compliments her on her looks by reminding him she has a brain as well, before hilariously joking with him about she actually plans to take all of the idols with her, so she can use them to decorate her apartment.

Chris Pratt Denies Rumors He WIll Be Next Indiana Jones

And while it is just a skit, response to it has actually been positive, with comments on the YouTube video including:

"Dear Universe, Please make this so. #Annakendrick #indianajones," one fan wrote.

"What if there were a LOT more lady reboots of classic dude movies? Love this one Anna !!!!" another said.

"Why didn't they have her instead of Shia Labeouf in the last film? It might've made it more tolerable," another commented.

There has been no confirmation on how the plot of the new film will play out.

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