‘America’s Next Top Model’ News: Tyra Banks Motivates Herself Via Twitter To Exercise, ‘Get Your Butt Up’ [VIDEO]

Tyra Banks may be a super cool celebrity with her many modeling, hosting and other gigs, but at the end of the day she is human like the rest of us and deals with similar issues.

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Over Memorial Day weekend, Banks brought up something on Twitter that we all can surely relate to.

The America's Next Top Model host and judge occasionally suffers from dry lips and she absolutely hates it just like everyone else.

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"Don't you hate...When your lips are super dry so you peel a little bit of skin off and it bleeds!" she dished.

Admit it, you totally know what Banks is talking about!

The 41-year-old also struggles with exercising sometimes. She motivated herself via Twitter to get her work out on this holiday weekend.

"Tyra, get your butt up and exercise," she tweeted, adding, "It's a holiday weekend so you can't use that damn 'Too much work on my plate' excuse!"

She also revealed that music helps motivate her to "sweat a bit" and it just so happens Janet Jackson is her music of choice.

This celebrity also admitted to grubbing on kale chips that she made herself, which is totally something else we can all relate to. Who doesn't love to snack on something homemade?

Banks certainly had a pretty laidback Memorial Day weekend dealing with some everyday life problems.

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