Sean Penn, Charlize Theron News: Actor's Daughter Says Her Dad's Ex-Girlfriend Is 'The Best' [VIDEO]

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron may no longer be an item, but one of the actor's family members reportedly stays in touch with the blonde beauty.

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On Friday, Us Weekly spoke to Penn's 24-year-old daughter, Dylan, at Amazon's Summer Soiree in Los Angeles where she said that her dad's ex-girlfriend is "the best."

"She's hilarious," Dylan added about Theron. "She's very bold, in the best way."

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The actor's daughter also mentioned that her dad seems to be doing okay amid the break-up. Luckily, he has work to keep it off his mind.

"He just went back to South Africa [to do] reshoots for his movie that he did a couple months back," she said, referring to the film The Last Face. "I've seen pieces of it, and it's a masterpiece."

It just so happens that South Africa happens to be where Theron is from. Dylan had also mentioned in the past that she has great admiration for the actress.

"Well, she's brilliant for one thing," the 24-year-old said. "And she's the only woman since my mom [Robin Wright] who can shut my dad up. That is a f---ing challenge so...she's a powerhouse."

Speaking of her mom, Dylan pointed out how happy she is for her on her Lead Actress Emmy nomination in the series House of Cards.

"She deserves it," Dylan said. "I haven't even talked to her today. I tried to reach her, and she's always busy. She's either directing and acting or...House of Cards takes up her life. So maybe [I'll congratulate her] tomorrow."

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