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David Parnes and James Harris 'Million Dollar Listing'

December 11 04:06 PM

'Million Dollar Listing: LA' Stars David Parnes & James Harris Dish On Holiday Campaign

Enstars had the pleasure of chatting with 'Million Dollar Listing' stars David Parnes and James Harris on their real estate work, a special campaign they're dealing with and what lies ahead for the series.

Scheana Marie

December 10 02:48 PM

We Talked To ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie's Wedding Planner!

Scheana Marie's dream wedding was a nightmare for celebrity wedding planner Danielle Rothweiler. Here's why things hit the fan.

Patrick Sabongui

December 05 04:59 PM

Patrick Sabongui Talks To Us About Crackle's 'The Art of More' & CW's 'The Flash'

Want to know about 'The Art of More' and 'The Flash?' We spoke to actor Patrick Sabongui who stars on both series!

Mandy Rowden

December 04 10:07 AM

Mandy Rowden Dishes On Debut Album 'These Bad Habits' To Us!

We chatted with independent musician Mandy Rowden about her album and more.

Kate Stoltz of 'Breaking Amish' and 'Return To Amish'

December 03 04:09 PM

Does 'Breaking Amish' Star Kate Stoltz Have A Secret Boyfriend?

We examined the evidence and it appears she may be secretly involved with her plastic surgeon.

'Pacific Warriors' Cast Member

November 24 04:27 PM

Will Isaac Brumaghim Be Able 'To Relieve Some Of That Stress' On 'Pacific Warriors'?

Check out an exclusive sneak peek look at this Friday's season finale episode!

Jon Jon Tabon

November 20 12:00 PM

What Does 'Pacific Warriors' Star Jon Jon 'Live For'?

Peep an exclusive sneak peek into tonight's episode of 'Pacific Warriors,' which features the tuna run!

Lala Kent

November 09 03:21 PM

Meet Lala Kent, The Newest Addition To The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast

Find out all you need to know about Lala Kent before she makes her series debut on 'Vanderpump Rules' tonight on Bravo.

Shayna Leigh

November 06 05:32 PM

Singer/Song Writer Shayna Leigh Talks To Us About Her Debut Ablum 'Drive' & More

We chatted with the 'Typhon' singer about her creating her first album, shooting music videos, touring plans & more.

Kimi Werner

November 06 10:40 AM

Find Out Why Deep-Sea Fishing 'In The Reef' Is So Dangerous On 'Pacific Warriors'

Check out an exclusive sneak peek into tonight's all new episode of 'Pacific Warriors'.

Craig Johnson

October 31 02:37 PM

Here's Part 2 Of Our Interview With 'Longmire' Author Craig Johnson

We caught up with the original author of the mystery series that was adapted into a hit TV show, which is now a Netflix series. Here's part 2.

Craig Johnson

October 31 02:34 PM

We Talked To 'Longmire' Author Craig Johnson!

We caught up with the original author of the mystery books that were adapted into a hit TV show, which is now a Netflix series. Here's part 1.

Isabel Durant, Chai Romruen, Allie Bertram & Amy Ruffle

October 23 07:30 AM

'Mako Mermaids' Star Allie Bertram Dishes On What's In Store For Season 4

The Canadian dancer-turned-actress Allie Bertram explains how her character will experience 'tension' with Ondina on next season the Netflix series.

Joshua Rush

October 23 06:00 AM

Child Actor Joshua Rush Dishes To Us About 'Sex, Death and Bowling' & More

One of the hardest working kid actors around chatted with us all about his latest projects, favorite film festivals & more!

'Pacific Warriors' Still

October 22 09:41 PM

Find Out How Dangerous Deep-Sea Fishing Is On 'Pacific Warriors'

Check out two exclusive sneak peeks into Discovery's new series 'Pacific Warriors' here.

Mélanie St-Pierre

October 22 01:34 PM

Mélanie St-Pierre Talks To Us All About 'Garm Wars: The Last Druid'

The star of the new sci-fi film dished on what it was like working with director Mamoru Oshii, her love of science-fiction, food and more.

Miles Brock & Milan Christopher

October 19 05:01 PM

Milan Christopher & Miles Brock Talk To Us About Being 'Out In Hip Hop' & More

They might be an openly gay couple today, but it's definitely been a journey & the first gay couple on the Vh1 show are still dealing with some of the backlash from the people they love the most.

Jackson Harris

October 16 05:08 PM

YouTube Music Sensation Jackson Harris Shares His Tour Essentials & Music News With Us!

We exclusively chatted with Jackson Harris about his upcoming music releases, touring, possibly working with Hoodie Allen and more!

Bello Sanchez

October 16 04:12 PM

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Contestant Bello Sanchez Spoke With Us About His Motto & More

Life for the 'ANTM 22' contestant has certainly been on the rise since appearing on the modeling competition reality show and he talked to Enstars all about it.


October 15 09:24 PM

Will Parker Schnabel 'Figure Out How To Truly Lead A Team' On 'Gold Rush' This Season?

Check out two exclusive sneak peeks from the 'Gold Rush' premiere featuring the Hoffman crew and more!

Order Of Operations

October 12 10:06 PM

Order Of Operations Tells Us About How His EP 'constrvctive delusions’ Got Its Name & More

We chatted with the Brooklyn-based indie act about his music, inspiration, and the origins of his EP.

Elysia Rotaru

October 07 04:58 PM

We Chatted With Elysia Rotaru, Who Plays Oliver's Mysterious Ex-Lover On This Season Of ‘Arrow’

We spoke with the actress who's playing a former lover of Oliver Queen and helps fans "understand more of what makes [him] the Green Arrow."

Couples Therapy

October 07 12:15 PM

'Couples Therapy' Season Six: Producer Reveals What Fans Can Expect [Exclusive]

Find out what producer John Irwin is revealing about season six of VH1's 'Couples Therapy.'

Leanne Lapp

October 06 05:13 PM

Leanne Lapp Dishes On Her Villainous 'iZombie' Character Who 'Pops Up In Places You Wouldn’t Expect Her'

'iZombie' actress Leanne Lapp chatted with us about her 'elusive' character, why people need to tune in for the new season and more.

Liz Graham

September 29 08:26 AM

Liz Graham Exclusively Talks About Her New Album ‘Damaged’ & More

We chatted with Liz Graham all about her new album 'Damaged' from cathartic songs to music video treatments.


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