7 Signs Of A Possible Heart Attack That Must Never Be Ignored

Heart issues can be treacherous at times because many a time people have experienced heart trouble that didn't have vivid warning signs. Heart issues can mislead you because the problem is in your heart but you are experiencing some other symptom or pain somewhere else and in these cases, it is very hard to tell what is wrong.

It is better to go for regular heart checkups if you have even the slightest doubt. To get seamless services and amazing treatment, visit the best hospitals in Chicago.    

Now, very often common people tend to miss out the telling signs of a possible heart attack. Unless you can identify this condition, how can you assess its gravity and take prompt action to reach the hospital emergency?

So here are some of the most common signs that are indicative of heart attack, and you must certainly rush to the hospital on experiencing any of these.

1.     Discomfort in the chest region

This can be an early sign of a possible heart issue. In case of a blocked artery or during the initiation of a heart attack people experience pain that can become excruciating, the chest becomes tight and there's a lot of pressure felt on the chest, as though someone has placed something heavy on your chest, some people feel a burning sensation... do not, under any circumstance, ignore these kinds of feelings. To be on the safer side you should get a full checkup done to rule out any problem that might get triggered due to issues related to the heart.

2.     A feeling similar to heartburn

People sometimes feel nauseous, suffer from indigestion, feel like the heart is on fire also severe stomach ache... now you must be thinking, stomach upset is quite relatable here but no, these symptoms can be a possible sign of heart problem. In case you see that the problem persists then do not take any chance, go see a doctor immediately. These symptoms are seen in women more than in men.

3.     Left-radiating pain

Now, this is a very common sign of heart problem... the pain will radiate downwards of your left arm. If you feel that the origin of the pain is in the chest area and it is radiating outward then don't delay, just go see your cardiologist.

4.     Lightheadedness for no apparent reason

Feeling lightheaded and giddy all the time is yet another symptom that you shouldn't ignore. Giddiness along with chest discomfort should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible.

5.     Extreme snoring

If you snore a lot and if you feel you are gasping or choking somehow during sleep than this could be a possible sign of heart problem. Ask your family members to monitor your snoring patterns while you sleep because knowing how you snore while sleeping is not possible. This trouble is called sleep apnea which means you stop breathing while sleeping for multiple times and when you stop breathing a lot of pressure is put on your heart. Your doctor will ask you to undergo a sleep study and then he or she will decide whether you need a CPAP machine or not.

6.     Chest pain and discomfort along the jawline

If you experience chest discomfort along with jaw or throat pain more so, if the pain from the chest region radiates towards your throat or jaw then so not neglect this you must see a cardiologist. Many patients experience this kind of trouble before a heart attack.

7.     Abnormal joint swellings

If you see that your joints are swelling up abnormally including your legs, ankles and hands then understand that probably your heart is being unable to pump adequate blood. If blood gets accumulated in the veins that's when the swelling happens. This situation can be pretty serious. Heart issue affects the kidneys too; kidneys fail to remove water along with sodium if the heart fails to pump blood adequately. You can also feel that your heartbeats are irregular. Keep a check on your heart rate to be sure that it is not behaving erratically. In the case of atrial fibrillation, this problem is very much normal, many people ignore this at first but later on the problems escalate so it is better to get a full check-up done. 

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