The Teenager Shaping the Marketing Industry

For many, the concept of having a teenager manage thousands of pounds of your marketing budget may seem completely rejected, but Laurence Moss, a 16 year old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, has broken this rule.

In 2019, Laurence decided he was going to disrupt the industry, create something that was going to knock out all the competition. That venture was called Greedy Growth, a full service Instagram marketing agency, servicing companies from startups to global corporations all over the world.

At first, in 2018, he needed to learn how to market on Instagram, so he decided to grow an Instagram page reposting viral travel photos and crediting the photographers. He quickly realised that it wasn't a simple case of posting to gain traction.

Slotting himself into niche communities and networking with big players in the Instagram community, Laurence rapidly used this information he had learnt to take the travel page to over 10,000 followers in roughly 3 months, accumulating dozens of viral posts of his own, yielding hundreds of thousands - if not millions of likes.

With the concept proven, Laurence got to work constructing Instagram pages in all kinds of themes: cars, motorcycles, memes, sports, and more! Dedicating hours a day to the building of these pages, it only took a little less than a year before he had built up over 350,000 followers, a staggering amount!

Having put his knowledge to the test and being successful growing these large communities, he then started offering tailored services to other businesses, offering to grow their communities the same way he grew his own. At first, he leveraged the pages of his own as case studies, but it wasn't long before he'd built up an impressive portfolio for his services, which he then took with him to found his agency Greedy Growth officially at the start of 2019.

At first he offered Instagram growth, as this was his forte, but quickly he expanded to full scale content and influencer marketing campaigns, followed by ad management, making his agency full service, meaning it had the capabilities of all aspects of Instagram marketing. This was just one example of a clever move Laurence made to maximise the revenue for his agency, as it gave his agency the opportunity to take control of more marketing spend.

He also believes that growing as an agency is not just a primary concern, but also his self-development, which is why he takes an active interest in consuming books like 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. 

Looking forward, Laurence hopes to scale up his Instagram marketing agency, which will be tough given the current situation, but with Laurence's drive and ambition at such a young age, there is no reason why it cannot happen.

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