Now one of the hottest children's boutiques, Little Luxury Closet has changed the way parents dress their little ones. At Little Luxury Closet, it's all about incorporating the latest fashion trends into children's fashion.

Little Luxury Closet is an online boutique that sells a wide variety of trendy and stylish children's clothing, accessories and essentials. Through their online store, Little Luxury Closet, as a brand, creates the most fashionable clothing wear for children and babies; from tiny boots, winter caps and warm jackets for boys to the prettiest summer dresses and accessories for girls.

Little Luxury Closet has everything for your little ones

Paulette Sharov first launched Little Luxury Closet's online store in April earlier this year. Her inspiration for Little Luxury Closet stemmed from her love of clothing and fashion, her first job at a luxury clothing retail store, and from her years of styling outfits for her family members and dressing her nephews. Paulette Sharov thus got the idea to create her own children's clothing line from styling her family. Since then, she has transformed Little Luxury Closet into an established brand in children's fashion loved by parents and children across the U.S.

Little Luxury Closet creates and pieces together outfits that are age-appropriate and comfortable for all kinds of children's activities; from running and playing outdoors to the most formal functions, Little Luxury Closet has something for every occasion. They even have certain "mini-me" pieces for parents who love to match outfits with their kids. Little Luxury Closet has such a vast collection of fashionable pieces there's no way you won't find what you're looking for. 

Little Luxury Closet are daring and creative in their designs, and even have professional shoppers and stylists to help you achieve the perfect look for your kids. At Little Luxury Closet, they want their clothing and accessories to bring creativity, happiness and style into children's lives, embroidering different personalities to the pieces they create.

Celebrities choose Little Luxury Closet for their little ones

Little Luxury Closet is currently on a mission to make their brand known. Celebrities like Toya Wright, Rapper Lil Baby, R&B singer Queen Naija and Jayda Cheaves, have all shopped at Little Luxury Closet for their little ones. They have quickly become an extremely popular brand among celebrities, with Rapper Lil Baby's son, Loyal, seen wearing one of their more popular jackets, the Moonshine Jacket, in a navy color and Toya Wright's daughter Reign was spotted wearing the same Moonshine Jacket but in a pale pink color. R&B singer Queen Naija's two sons were also spotted wearing Little Luxury Closet's jackets not long after.

Once parents around the world saw Rapper Lil Baby's son and Toya Wright's daughter in Little Luxury Closet pieces, overnight those pieces became a one of their most popular items and were sold out in minutes on Little Luxury Closet's online store not long thereafter. Clearly, it is not only celebrity parents that love to dress their babies and children in Little Luxury Closet pieces. They do not only cater for celebrity children but rather insist on the fact that their pieces are created for parents and children in all walks of life, they strive to create remarkable pieces that parents love and children feel comfortable in.

Little Luxury Closet leaves their mark in children's fashion industry

At Little Luxury Closet, pieces are inspired and influenced by the latest fashion trends thus making their children's pieces stylish and fashion-forward. But their pieces are also functional, practical and extremely comfortable which is why children love them as much as their parents. Currently, Little Luxury Closet pieces are only available on their online store, but Paulette Sharov does have plans to erect a physical store from which she can also promote and sell her clothing line in the near future. Little Luxury Closet's online store is only the beginning for Paulette Sharov.

Their mission at Little Luxury Closet is to provide stylish and trending pieces that are stunning and desirable, and a means of expression for children as well as their parents. Little Luxury Closet creates and styles children's clothing that speak for themselves in the fashion world.