Most dieters do the workout more than what people commonly do. There is really no end to the extent that people go just to fulfill the mission of losing their kilos. People believe that workout is one of important factor that contributes to weight loss, going to the gym especially after a long, it can be exhausting. In order to cater your need, weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It requires a lot of effort and exercises.

But in reality, you really don't need to rely on workout to burn those calories. A hot shower will also work!

According to the study did by Dr. Faulkner in a London-based university, he observed that you can actually burn the same number of calories as a 30-minute walk or jogging session.

The Study

Based on his experiment, 14 men were asked to do two tests, they have to spend an hour to cycling or run-on treadmill, then spending an hour in a hot tub. These steps may sound very relax and ideal, the main purpose behind this was to see on how many calories can burn through both activities. The main purpose of this experiment is to raise body temperature in just one degree.

The Results

The result of this experiment shows that there was no denying that the physical workout would burn way more calories. Which means spending the required time in hot water will burn around 130 calories, so it is the same as 30-minute walk session, isn't it?


For many people, it might weird. But sciences can explain on why hot water will help you in fat burning. But, taking a hot shower not only helps to lose weight, but also relaxes your muscles. It would boost the metabolism of the body. This can be a major help to lose weight and unwanted body fats. Hot water showers also make your body sweat, which helps to remove toxins, the other benefit is reducing the inflammation in your body. It also normalizes blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces fatigue.

Bathing has the same effect as workout when it comes to the anti-inflammatory response post activities. So, if you're unable to manage a time for workout, relaxing your body in a hot bath may improve both metabolism and blood sugar levels. It will release a substance that lowers blood pressure, as per the new study. Taking a hot bath could help burn about 140 calories per hour.

That's because when your body has a higher-than-normal temperature, it burns more calories. Science has explained that the body will work harder to maintain the internal temperature levels and burns way more calories. Basically, heat shock proteins are produced when your body faces any external stress which speeds up the fat burning process.

It hasn't stop on there,

Aiding weight loss and calories burning by taking a hot bath have plenty of benefits to offer for our skin, muscles, joints as well as the heart. Your pain levels would also reduce and blood flow levels would be normal as well.

But, don't take this way as your one solution you have and believe that you just solving your problem by just doing this. You are also need to long run and other workout to have a healthy body.

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