The case of missing University of Virginia college student Hannah Graham continues to take some shocking turns, as a bar owner has now revealed she appeared to be drunk when she walked away with her alleged kidnapper, Jesse Matthew Jr.

According to a report in Time Magazine, bar owner Bruce Cunningham has now said that Graham, 18, appeared "incapacitated" by alcohol when she walked away from his Charlottesville bar with 32-year-old Matthew on September 13.

Cunnigham says that Graham was standing outside Tempo Restaurant, and was barely able to walk without the support of Matthew, who has been arrested and charged in her kidnapping.

Cunningham says Graham never attempted to enter the bar and wasn't served there, though at least one witness disputes that claim.

Despite Matthew being in police custody after he was picked up by police and arrested in a Texas beach town about seven hours from the Mexico border, Graham still has not been found.

"We still have no idea whatsoever where she is, despite our best efforts," Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said. "We have an obligation to bring her home, one way or the other. That's what we promised to do."

A massive manhunt is still underway for Graham in the Charlottesville area, though nothing has turned up to suggest where she is, or her current state. It is unclear if the search is being expanded to include possible routes Matthew took to get to Texas.

Matthew has been charged with "abduction with intent to defile."