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Nintendo Classic Mini NES Stock News: Here's How To Find Stores With Stocks Of This Rare Units [VIDEO]

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been very in-demand so here are some of the tips to find a store that has stocks.

By Maricris Jose, EnStars on Jan 10, 2017 07:01 AM EST
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Nintendo Store
Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been extremely in-demand until this moment. (Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

 The Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition has been in-demand especially last holiday season making it very hard to find. But then, for the Nintendo fans who really wanted to grab one here are some of the tips to track stores with stocks.

According to Mobile & Apps, Nintendo significantly miscalculated the demand for their classic gaming console, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES Edition. Since the device was launched in November, there has been a deficiency in the stocks of the console. As a matter of fact, this shortage led to the rise in the price of the Nintendo NES Edition being retailed via third party sellers like Amazon and eBay.

It can be remembered that company stated in November that more stocks will arrive by the end of the year. Nonetheless, months have passed and still a lot of consumers are complaining of having a hard time finding Nintendo Classic Mini NES in stores. Those who don't want to wait longer for the stocks are actually paying twice as much when purchasing from online sellers. Others are basically paying as high as $159.

Furthermore, iTechPost reported that some selected stores are also receiving a limited number of NES Classics on a daily basis. The online accessibility of the NES Classic is still depressing. The NES Classic was offered online at Best Buy on January 4 around 4 P.M. ET. This has marked the first time that the NES was retailed online in days.

Although there has been a scarcity of Nintendo Classic Mini NES there are some stores having available stocks. One way to know which store has an accessible stock is through the BrickSeek inventory score.

The BrickSeek helps the buyers to receive alerts whenever a local Target store will sell the NES Classic the following day. This basically means that those who really wanted to buy the console may line up at the store early in the morning for them to purchase Nintendo NES Edition.

The demand for Nintendo Classic Mini NES is extremely high as of the moment. With this, Nintendo is anticipated to double its effort to provide the clamor of its patrons.

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