Xbox One Scorpio News: Here's The Most Convenient Way To Get Microsoft's Upcoming Most Powerful Console [VIDEO]

The entire gaming industry has a huge reason to get excited this year. With Microsoft's newest console already out, players will get a chance to portray an on-screen performance unlike any other so far.

The Redmond-based tech giant will be unfolding a platform that boasts a potent gaming experience. Its Xbox Scorpio will be presenting hardware components that fully support 4K and VR capabilities.

However, amid the flurry of elation, there is some hitch to consider along the way. While the specifications are indeed impressive, the 350-pound price tag is not that all appealing which is why Microsoft has a promotional campaign to get the bandwagon rolling.

Interested buyers and enthusiasts get a chance to acquire the Scorpio unit at a basically very low rate. The company simply wants all gamers and fans to make an upgrade.

This means that those who have an Xbox One console will be getting the Scorpio without so much fanfare. Trading previous Xbox products is the key to snagging the newest item.

No less than Dave McCarthy, the Xbox Services' General Manager, has announced that the group's retailers will be introducing the trade-in process. In line with this, the gaming company aims to make the approach easy and uncomplicated.

Considering that both the upcoming Scorpio and the Xbox One can accommodate the same kind of games, it is more convenient to retain one console. What makes the program exciting is the chance to get the new system.

With this in mind, it is likely that prices for the older Xbox One brands will drop. However, potential purchasers will have a grand time choosing a sweet deal.

The Microsoft Scorpio has been a revelation during the recent E3 event. Aaron Greenberg, the head of games marketing for Xbox, shares that Scorpio's sophisticated hardware reinforces the partnership with Microsoft to move forward.

Although Xbox Boss Phil Spencer remains less enthusiastic about the Scorpio, he is looking forward towards the integration of virtual reality into game plays.

With an 8-core central processor and a 320GB/sec of memory bandwidth plus a graphics system that has a 6 trillion floating point operations per second (TFLOPS) capability, it is highly probable that Microsoft is shaping the future platform of the gaming industry.

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