DJI Mavic Pro Drone Shipment Update: Device's ETA Now Down to 7-10 Days Upon Purchase [VIDEO]


 There has been a shortage of DJI Mavic Pro Drone's stocks due to its high demand making its shipments delayed. Now, the estimated time of arrival of the drone is down to 7 up to 10 days upon the purchase of the device.

According to iTechPost, a few weeks after DJI Mavic Pro's initial release it has been subjected to some client complaints as the company wasn't able to hit its own target delivery schedule. Seemingly, DJI has acknowledged pre-orders for the drone but wasn't able to ship the units on time which lead to customer frustrations. In the end, the company clarified the troubles it has been through that caused the delay.

With this scenario, DJI now adjusted the ETA for the orders that were placed after the shipment controversy. A few weeks ago, the Mavic Pro's delivery ETA was reportedly around seven weeks from order placement. But now, it seems that DJI already has control of its stocks as the shipment schedule for new Mavic Pro orders has been plunged to seven to ten days from order validation.

Furthermore, a report stated that as of the moment there are still a few consumers who are taking to online communities asking whether or not their Mavic Pros that were ordered before DJI changed the drone's shipping ETA will be delivered to them within the new time frame. This indicated that there are still people from the previous batch of clients who still haven't received their Mavic Pro drones.

Although it is somewhat unfair if new orders will be fulfilled within ten days and the past orders are still impending, it is still tough to judge DJI right now. It was noted that the change of the Mavic Pro's shipment schedule was just posted recently so the company still has the chance to deliver all past orders before the said ten-day window finishes.

With a bit of luck, DJI might be able to prioritize its previous buyers and be capable of saving the company's name. But then, if consumers would want to buy DJI Mavic Pro now, they can expect an estimated shipping time of 7-10 business days from confirmation of order.

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